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I only develop sites using the WordPress framework – and for good reason.  WordPress is one of the most flexible, easily expandable content management systems available today.  I’ll try to keep the geek-speak to a minimum here, so everyone can understand what I’m saying, regardless of tech savvy level.

It’s Pretty

This is perhaps the most important reason WordPress is great.  In the end, you want your site to be easy to use.  The first step towards ease-of-use is good aesthetics.  Let’s take a look at some screenshots from the three most popular content management systems: Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.


Drupal Admin Screenshot - Friday Next Web Development



Joomla Admin Screenshot - Friday Next Web Development



Wordpress Admin Screenshot - Friday Next Web Development

Drupal doesn’t look absolutely hideous, but it is a bit too convoluted to be easy to control.  I’ve tried to use it before, but it’s not apparent which buttons/functions do what, so I gave up.  Joomla… well, just look at it.  That looks like some medical database project gone wrong.  It just looks like it’s from the 90’s, and I’m not drawn to go create content with an admin section like that.

Then comes WordPress.  It’s just so inviting.  So pretty.  The control bar on the left holds all of the actions I’ll need to create content quickly and easily.  When I add custom functions to the site, they populate that control bar automatically.  WordPress is like an Apple product – it just works.

It’s easy

The other sites focus heavily on the fact that you are a “user” interacting with a “database”.  When content management systems first popped up, it was pretty cool to see all that could be accomplished with a database.  Now, though, I just want to know that my content is being published.  Keep that database nonsense in the background.

Although WordPress is extremely powerful, you’ll always be greeted with a friendly admin area, ready for your content.

WordPress makes it absolutely clear what you are doing or viewing without reminding you about the hairy database that’s holding all of the site’s details.  You can add a post, a picture, a product, and be none the wiser about how it’s all being managed.  And that’s okay.  This stuff is supposed to be easy – not scare you away.

It’s powerful

Because of the scary, hairy database powers that come with WordPress, I am able to create complex functions to display content in cool ways.  Whether I need to host a showcase of my 10,000 products, or I just want to run a blog with image galleries, WordPress can handle it all.

No matter how much detail is necessary for each type of content, I can create simple field templates to enter that content, and then I can easily whip up some code to display that data on the pages the viewers will see.  Simply put, WordPress is not just for blogging.  This framework means serious business for even the biggest businesses.

It’s scalable

Don’t like the way your WordPress site looks any more?  You have unlimited options.  If you find a theme template you like, simply click the “install” button, and activate it.  You’ve just redesigned your whole site.  Pretty easy, huh?

What if a theme template isn’t for you?  If you want a more customized look for your site, I can design the entire site from scratch and build it around the WordPress framework.  Whenever you want to change it again, just find/create/commission another theme, and you will have a brand new site with all your content intact.

Switch to WordPress now

If you have a site that you hate to manage, or if your WordPress site has become too cluttered for you to add content easily any more, talk to me.  I can revamp your site, create a new site for you, or convert your current site into a WordPress site.

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