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A project I’m currently working on requires me to download the entire site to my local development server and work on it before uploading it to the site again.  I downloaded the old version of WordPress the site was currently using (3.1.3), then installed it on my local MAMP server.

I then downloaded all of the folders and files using SFTP and loaded them up in my htdocs folder.  Using phpMyAdmin on the live server, I downloaded the most recent copy of the entire database.  I went into my local phpMyAdmin and dropped all of the tables on the local database, then imported the database from the live site.

I used a simple script to replace all references to with http://localhost:8888/site.  It was time to start development, right?  Nope.  Only the front page worked.

I worked for about two days trying to figure out what the problem was.  Every link I clicked from the front page resulted in a ‘Not Found on Server’ message.  I tried editing the .htaccess file, editing the httpd.conf MAMP file; and neither worked.

The Solution

Finally, I found a forum that suggested going into the ‘Permalinks’ settings pane in the WordPress admin (which all still worked, by the way – the admin area, that is) and simply clicking ‘Save Changes’.  I thought that was ridiculous, since it wouldn’t be changing anything, but I did it anyway, and… SUCCESS!

Something in the .htaccess file must have been incorrect, and simply clicking ‘Save Changes’ in the ‘Settings -> Permalinks’ area fixed it.  The entire site started working, and I was able to start developing on the site.

I hope this helps someone else out who is pulling their hair out over it (assuming you have hair).

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