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Edit: Due to my own stupidity, I formatted my Time Machine backup after reinstalling OSX from scratch, effectively losing the code I wrote to migrate GoDaddy to WooCommerce.  I wrote the tutorial anyway, just leaving out the most important part – the code.  I’m going to post it anyway, for those of you who feel adventurous enough to try and write it yourself.

I will not be re-writing the code again, so best of luck making this happen!

Unfortunately, the how-to tutorial isn’t here.  But don’t worry!  I’m going to be posting a full tutorial on how to migrate from GoDaddy’s oppressive, poorly set up, SEO unfriendly system – to a system that works beautifully.  I’ll also be offering an online premium service to automate the entire process, if you’re looking to do everything in one click.

This is tough stuff, folks.  I searched forums to find out how to do it with a tool, but no tool exists, so I had to create one myself.  I’ve done it, and now I just need to optimize it before pushing it live to the web.

Stay tuned, because within the next 2 weeks I’ll be posting the full tutorial on how to migrate from Quick Shopping Cart to WooCommerce without having to manually import all of your products.

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