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Saxbys Coffee - Designed by Power Design

I’m not quite sure how I came across this site, but I’m just extremely impressed by the overall design of it.  It’s a site promoting Saxbys Coffee, a coffee franchise with plenty of locations in the US.  It was designed by Power Design, a Web Design firm in PA.

It Doesn’t Even Look Like WorPress

I took a look at the source for the page, and it appears that Power Design cooked up the theme all on their own.  It’s even more impressive that this doesn’t even appear to be a child theme.  It’s just freshly created WordPress goodness, with WooCommerce support built in.

I love the use of patterns and textures, along with the content efficiently filling each page.  My guess is that this project started as a wireframe, then was built up into some very complex PSD drawings, and ended up as this beautiful WordPress site.  This should be a source of inspiration for designers and developers everywhere.

Well done, Power Design!

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