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WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions for online stores today, and for good reasons.  Let’s take a look at five of those reasons now.

Incredibly Easy to Use

While WooCommerce gives you the ability to do incredibly complex things, it is still at its core very user-friendly.  If you can get one product added to your catalog, you can add 100 more.  Customers are added as WordPress users, so you can export them to a mailing list, give them special access to members only pages, and more.

When you need to expand your site’s abilities, it’s as easy as dropping in a new WordPress plugin.  Perhaps you’re ready to make the jump from PayPal to, so you can save some money on your checkout fees as well as giving your customers a more professional look.  All you have to do is install the extension like a WordPress plugin, enter your details, and activate it in your checkout settings.

Sure, there are still some technical aspects to WooCommerce, but at it’s core, it’s a very usable product.

Easily Expandible

As mentioned previously, when you want to add functionality to your WooCommerce store, it’s as simple as installing a plugin to your store and configuring it.  Although there are some tricky plugins, most of them come with documentation from the plugin authors, explaining exactly how to handle configuration.

Perhaps you want to add selectable color swatches to your products, rather than having a dropdown menu item with the available colors spelled out.  Achieving that is as simple as installing the Variation Swatch extension from WooThemes.  The plugin itself requires you to define your color swatches (or photo swatches), but there’s no code for you to write.

Take it Wherever You Want

WooCommerce is itself a WordPress plugin, which means you’ll need a standalone WordPress website to run WooCommerce.  This also means that you need your own hosting for this site.  Although the hosting is not bundled with the store, like with other e-commerce software, you’re not bound to the first host you choose.

Suppose you choose to host your WooCommerce store with GoDaddy.  Soon after setting it up, you realize that GoDaddy is a terrible choice for a host, since the site loads slower than molasses, and it’s always getting hacked.  Definitely time to transfer to another host!

At that point, the whole site has already been built, but not to worry!  You will not have to build it all again!  You can simply migrate your WordPress site to another host, and enjoy their faster speeds, better server optimization, or even better email limits.  There can be many reasons to want to switch to another host, but using WooCommerce ensures that you are actually able to take your site elsewhere when you want to.

Works with WordPress

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning.  If you set up a WordPress website years ago and already have it exactly where you want it – with respect to design, function, etc – WooCommerce will work with the site you already have – no need to start from scratch again.

Other shopping cart solutions like Shopify might have some sort of blog capability, but being able to utilize the power of all the plugins in the WordPress repository adds an enormous competitive edge to your website.  What takes custom coding on another shopping cart is just a matter of installing a plugin on your site.

Even if you won’t be maintaining the site yourself, having a site built with WordPress will keep maintenance costs down.  WordPress is the best documented CMS on the web, making a developer’s job much easier for WordPress than any other CMS.

Easy PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is one of those things that most shop owners overlook until their payment processor informs them that they’ll be shut down unless they become PCI Compliant.  WooCommerce comes with built-in PCI Compliance capability, in the form of Mijireh checkout integration.

You’ll still need to configure this integration, but once you do, your WooCommerce store will be completely PCI compliant, with nothing more for you to worry about.  Pricing is $49/year, which is incredibly reasonable considering the headache Mijireh takes out of remaining PCI compliant.

What do you think?  What reasons keep you coming back to WooCommerce?

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