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For those of you who don’t know, WordPress is an open-source software. This means that WordPress gets better from the contributed efforts of people everywhere.

I recently read on WP Tavern that needs more people contributing tutorial videos (screencasts).  The only catch for developers like me is that they require no self-promotion in the videos, so I can’t mention that I work for Friday Next WordPress Development, or include a link to my website in the videos.

This is actually fine with me, because I’d like to help out, since WordPress has made my career easier than it would have been otherwise.  Since all my videos will take the same form as my Installing WordPress with MAMP video, I can simple cut out the intro and outro from my videos (that I upload to YouTube), and upload those edited versions to

Giving Back

I’m pretty excited about this, because I’m currently trying to switch the main focus of my business to being a completely free resource for people who want to build WordPress sites, but don’t quite know how.

I’d also like to make more tutorials for anyone looking to learn pretty much anything about WordPress, so please leave requests in the comment section below!

My real joy comes from explaining complex things in layman terms, and although I am able to do this very well in person, it takes a bit more time to achieve the same thing in a screencast or video tutorial.  As I make more, though, the didactic quality will improve.

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