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Your hipster nonsense motivation of the day comes from yours truly, Casey Friday of Friday Next WordPress Development.

The Only Way To Finish is To Begin

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect execution for a project that you’ve just planned, you might be suffering from non-starter-itis.  I used to suffer from this often, but I very quickly switched to a different kind of operation.  For me, the first 80% of a project is the easiest, and the final 20% is the hardest for me (mentally).

However, needing to finish the final 20% of a project is much easier than needing to finish the entire 100%.  If you haven’t even started your project, the problem is sitting in the same chair that you are.

Don’t worry so much about how you’ll execute your project, and just start executing it.  The same goes with just about everything.  Want to be a better photographer?  Shoot more photos now.  Want to be a better writer?  Write more now.  Want to be a better WordPress Developer?  Start building WordPress websites NOW.

You’ll never finish your project if you don’t begin, so don’t get caught up in how to start working – just get to work!

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