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Satisfying Relationships

Satisfying Relationships - WordPress Website Development Portfolio

I was first contacted to work on Satisfying Relationships in January of 2014. They were experiencing a hacking of their website, leading to multiple pages only displaying spam links to prescription medication. I went through and cleaned up the site and database, removed the malicious code, and rebuilt the site.

A little over a year later, the theme that was installed on the site was very out-of-date, causing quite a few PHP errors (deprecated functions) on the site. I then suggested rebuilding the site with a new and constantly updated framework, while keeping the same “look and feel” the site had previously.

I built the site with the Divi framework – creating a child theme – and the results are fantastic. The site is now responsive, creating an equally excellent browsing experience for users of any size device. The video backgrounds on the home page slider offer a new content experience for desktop users.

The site is also hardened against attacks, and uses caching to speed up content delivery.

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