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Shreddies USA

Shreddies USA - Friday Next Web Development.

When the opportunity to completely design and develop the website for the USA supplier of Shreddies Flatulence Filtering Underwear came across our desk, we jumped at the opportunity.

The site is built on the Genesis Framework, but it’s so heavily modified that we might as well have created the theme from scratch.  It was designed in Pixelmator, and the entire site is responsive so that it looks great on any size display.  All graphics are created with CSS or set at 2x, so that the site looks great on retina displays as well as non-retina displays.

The e-commerce is handled with WooCommerce, but you wouldn’t know that looking at the site.  WooCommerce has been completely redesigned to look nothing like stock.  This site has also been built with perfect ShipStation integration, so that the admin section of the site doesn’t even need to be visited in order to print out shipping labels for orders.

Not only did I build this website from scratch, I also ran the entire business for 11 months. This entailed providing fulfillment services, shipping orders, customer service, tracking and re-ordering inventory, and marketing efforts.  I got the entire inventory set up on, so that customers could order with Prime shipping.  I created the FBA fulfillment orders, labeled and packed all products, and shipped them to multiple Amazon warehouses.

I also generated business forecasts, predicting the growth of the company over the next 12 months, with the aid of my focused SEO and marketing efforts.

During my tenure with Shreddies, I accumulated a year of experience running the entirety of an e-commerce business.

Once the product was ready to be fulfilled at Amazon’s warehouses, I provided customer service for all Amazon customers.  I handled returns, emails, and phone calls with questions and concerns about the product.  I integrated the website with ShipStation, so that handling shipping 10-20 orders per day was made more manageable.

At the end of my tenure with Shreddies, I created an entire video walkthrough of how to run the business, including a 17-page manual that can be used as a turnkey solution to run the business.  This facilitated the seamless transfer of the business to the next store manager.

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